Wednesday, July 04, 2007

summertime scones

Mallory linked me to pretty much The Most Perfect scone recipe over at the Star Tribune a while ago. I've made both blueberry and strawberry so far this summer. And if I weren't leaving for India next Saturday(!) I'd bake a couple dozen more.

My brother graduated and my grandma brought a big pail of strawberries from the patch in her yard when she visited for the party. 1.25 cups for scones barely made a dent in the bucket.

While the recipe is meant to be for strawberry scones, my momma and I both agreed that blueberry was better. They also kept longer. I just put in a cup and a quarter blueberries and cut out the preserves, currants, and (obviously) the strawberries. In fact, I didn't put preserves or currants in my strawberry scones, either. I've been so wound up about the details in the past couple years that I think I've finally caved into a permanent state of tossing-hands-in-the-air. Don't have preserves? Who cares! I should really iron this before sewing it, huh? Oh well! Put in a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon of baking soda? Scooping parts out will be good enough, I'm sure. And it usually is.

By the way: I did manage to add a sprinkling of sugar to the top of my scones. Without the recipe telling me to and everything. I'd recommend it.