Saturday, September 27, 2008

back to school

Jess and I took first day of school snaps in our new place. I like our funny apartment a lot.

This is Erin's cat Bingley. I kitten-sat one evening and it was soo fun, but I am also glad I do not have to take care of this little pal all the time. He is very rambunctious. Will forgets his name and calls him Bisquick.

This is my breakfast from some day a few weeks ago. I just wanted to prove that (so far) I have been capable of feeding myself.

This is part of our living room. Most of the furniture was left behind. I love that green chair sooo much.

Snacktime. I bought tons of grapes on sale at the supermarket and we were never going to eat them all so we put some in the freezer to eat like little popsicles. Being a pretend adult is fun.

Arts and friends

John and Katy and I had a fun lunch at John's new abode and then wandered around his neighborhood. We saw fingerpaintings at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I really liked the display of old Chinese cricket-carrying cases. Pet crickets! If John and Katy and I ever start a band I'd like to call it Pet Crickets.

I made John pose in front of his school sign. I think he thinks you shouldn't have to do that when you're a grad student, but I obviously didn't agree. Sorry JB.

I am so glad so many of my pals are ending up in Minneapolis.

State Fair

Will and I went to the State Fair as soon as I got back from Delhi again. It was a good re-introduction to America.

Miracle of Life Birthing Center

Fair Foods

Midway (Carnie games and funhouses and spinning rides!)

Jukebox Funhouse

Das Cuckoo Haus

Another stereotype Haus!

We decided to try to take pictures of all of the things that remind us of our friends. Tim got the bacon. Kath got this weird superstrong woman ride:

More rides

The blue ribbon scarecrow?


Seed art

Fried food!

Competition bunny (Aja's snap)

4 H

These sheep are for you, Kathryn.

This was the most photogenic being at the Fair.

Take my picture?